Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Aluminum Wiring Repair Online Seminar - Aluminum wire in your home can be dangerous to your family.

Aluminum Wiring Repair should be your utmost concern if you have aluminum wiring in your home.

The question is not, "Do I have fire hazards in my home as a result of aluminum wiring?"
Instead it should be, "How many fire hazards do I have as a result of aluminum wire in the walls of my home?"
In EVERY home we have affected aluminum wiring repair in, we have have found burnouts. A burnout is the dangerous overheating of an aluminum wiring connection where the damage can range from a simple browning of the insulation jacket around the affected wire to outright melting of the connections due to fire.
Simply put, these connections need to be repaired before a disaster results.
The problem is - there is a confusion about just how to repair them correctly.
Many different proposals are abound on the internet and recommended by even well-meaning electricians.
Also, accepting just any so-called "Approved" aluminum wiring repair connectors you see on the shelves of home renovation stores can prove to be dangerous to you and your family.
If you get all your questions answered, don't miss the FINAL WORD on aluminum wiring repair in a presentation entitled, "Aluminum Wiring Repair SHOCKER Webinar".
If you want to know the only two products proven by top scientists to work without fail, this webinar is for you.
If you want to know which 3 approved repairs promoted are PROVEN to fail on a regular basis, you won't want to miss this webinar.
If you want to know why you must use ONLY a aluminum wire trained master electrician to complete your aluminum wiring repair, this webinar is for you.
If you want to know where to find the right aluminum wiring repair electrical contractor for your job, this webinar is specifically for you.

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